Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Oh how tiresome the Sun...

Every morning, I shuffle out to the front walk to pick up my bird cage paper, the Baltimore Sun. Each day, even though I have signed up for "home delivery," the "papermen" dump the yellow bagged rag down the steps, under the shrubs, over the wall. But that's not nearly as irritating as the crap in the paper itself.

Like last Saturday, I read the following in a letter to the editor:

"If you are a Democrat, you have been fully disenfranchised from the national scene. The Bushites have absolutely no reason to even pretend to tolerate our opinions anymore. Republicans have proved they have a core group that will support a ruined economy, a dim future for our children, a botched war effort, dirtier air and water, corporate corruption and government secrecy, all in the name of their Christian values."

Speaking as a registered Republican voter in Baltimore City, I can say Amen Brother! I feel your pain. I have been disenfranchised on the local scene in Baltimore for ever. But you know, people actually tolerate my opinion, my kids have a bright future, and the rats are still running free and large. The Mayor still talks happy, plays in his band. I can register my car; nobody has come to take me away in the night.

And you will survive too. I have not seen any tanks in the neighborhood yet. The death squads are not coming. Your freedom to write such drivel to the Sun will remain unhindered.

Now if I can just get the papermen to get the Sun up onto my porch, then things will be good.


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