Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My Inner Viking

Sunday night was my annual trip to the stadium to see the Ravens kick some. I get to a game or two a year, usually when the weather gets cold, or it's a late night game. Tickets magically appear.

I love going to the game! To me, it brings out the Innner Viking. Usually, some buds will get together beforehand to tailgate or hit a bar or two. We put on the team colors, our hats, and drink as much beer as possible before entering the stadium. The crowds grow as you approach, the energy builds, the chants begin. Funnelling toward the gates, we stop at the Johnny U statue to rub his foot for good luck. All we need now are axes, a long boat, and good wind, and we will be pillaging the villages tonight.

Inside, we move through the crowd of our gathered tribesmen, on the lookout for anyone foolish enough to wear a Browns jersey. When we see the enemy, we coil for the attack ...
And say, "good luck. Enjoy the game. "

Later, as the Ravens (lack of) offense bogs down, we scan the crowds looking for the fights. Almost every game, some jackass is hauled out by the "powe leece" for... I can actually never tell what for.

And then you wait for the Ravens to pull off some amazing defensive play, run back a kick for the TD, or see the opposing team punt for seven yards out of the endzone. And we win with our highschool quarterback.

Ah, it's good to Sven "the tall" in Baltimore.


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